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  Tecair 2 Suspension & Axles
Kalari "B" Double Bulk Tanker
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The York axles supplied for the Kennedy Trailers `B' double folding skel were fitted with Conmet pre-set hubs and Timken bearings which offer long service life as well as reduced weight over steel hubs. A further reduction in axle weight was achieved by fitting Centrifuse brake drums. The combination of these features plus alloy wheels also extends brake and bearing life through the dissipation of heat and cooler running. The axle lift fitted to the `A' trailer not only extended tyre and brake wear but improved traction on the empty return journey. York Tecair 2 air suspension achieved a reduction in weight over previous suspensions and also improved stability and roll stiffness. The improved handling of the unit was appreciated by the drivers and the reduced wear and tear on the equipment was appreciated by Leeson's.

The challenge was issued several years ago by Garry Leeson, Managing Director of G.N. & V.L. Leeson,"Reduce the tare weight but don't compromise strength." Kennedy Trailers took up the challenge and built a `B' double folding skel fitted with York axles and air suspension. The axles were fitted with Conmet aluminium hubs, pre-set bearings, Centrifuse brake drums and York Tecair 2 air suspension with axle lift. A total weight reduction of approximately 700kgs was achieved. We revisited Leeson's to see how the "strength" part of the challenge was going and Garry Leeson announced, "The `A' trailer has done 750,000klms. And the `B' 350,000km with only standard maintenance being carried out. That's a good result from our point of view and the bonus is the drivers say the unit handles better than the older trailers."
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