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  FB Suspension and 19.5' Axles
McIvers's Icon Grossing 160 Tons over 21 Axles
Service Life - McIvers's Anxiety Put to Rest
Operating transport equipment in the more remote areas of Australia requires careful consideration of the gear specified to ensure long service life. Combine this with the gross weight of 160 tonnes spread over 21 axles and it becomes an even greater consideration. York axles fitted with 8 stud 275PCD Conmet aluminium pre set hubs and Timken bearings have proved reliable and given excellent service over the time McIver's Icon has been operating ­ in fact the brakes are only now requiring replacement. Coupled to York's Tecair FB air suspension and 19.5" wheel equipment, the stability and handling of the unit with its low centre of gravity is very good.

Imagine the situation of a fleet going into a new contract utilising unique equipment. The McIver Group faced this exact situation when it secured the contract with BHP to cart lead/zinc concentrate from the mine site at Cannington, 175 kilometres to Cloncurry, with a gross weight of 160 tonnes. Not only was a "tipper" operation new to McIver but they had no experience with stud type aluminium hubs and 19.5" wheel equipment. "The York axles fitted with Conmet hubs and pre-set bearings have not let us down after covering more than 1 million kilometres", says Col Host, Fleet & Engineering Manager. He went on to add, "The combination of York axles and York Tecair FB suspension has delivered the goods for us."
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