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  York Precision System (YPS)
Temper-Loc® Nuts & Doctor Preload®
Designed and manufacture in the USA by Temper Axle Products Corporation for heavy duty vehicles, the patented Temper-Loc nuts and Doctor Preload tools are built to enable customers, quickly and accurately adjust wheel-end bearings for optimum tyre life of heavy-duty trucks and trailers.
Total control of wheel end bearing adjustment.
Measured, precise preload settings with fine incremental adjustment.
Precision single locking nut system
Fingertip retainer installation and removal (no tools required)
Easy view verification of positive locking.
Bright Yellow retainers for easy visibility
Ergonomic design for maximum safety
Extended tyre and wheel end life.
Longer hub seal life.
Longer bearing life.
Lower maintenance cost for wheel
Less equipment downtime.
Less wear and tear on brake systems.
Decreases end users maintenance
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Facts & Figures
Improved tyre mileage is a compelling benefit: This graph shows the relative difference in tyre life at various bearing adjustments for trailer or drive axles. Commonly used loose settings of 0.002 to 0.005 endplay typically lose half to three quarters of potential tyre life, largely because loose wheels initiate and accelerate edge wear.
  Guaranteed Set Pre-load for your wheel ends
York Axle Spindle/Bearing Code Spindle Thread Size / TPI Temper Loc Nut + Retainer Doctor Preload Field Tool Nut Socket Size Nut Field Spanner
TM 2.50" / 16 Y-DN614976 Y-DN425097 92mm 789295
TN 2.50" / 16 Y-DN614976 Y-DN425139 92mm 789295
TP or 90x2 3.48" / 12 Y-DN614723 Y-DN415005 121mm 789299/01
TQ 3.50" / 12 Y-DN614975 Y-DN415890 121mm 789299/01
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