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  Suspension, Axles and Landing Legs
Coote's Wheeler Tri-drive Prime Mover Towing 6 "A" and one "B" Trailer
The road train's GCM with concessional loading is 194 tonnes and with a round trip over mostly unsealed roads of approximately 420 kilometres from Port Hedland, the axle/suspension package needed to be able to absorb the continuous shock from the road surface. YORK Tecair 1 air suspension with the optional heavy duty 11 tonne capacity spring was specified not only to cope with the arduous conditions but also because it offered the stability required by the trailer manufacturer. The YORK heavy duty spider hub axles were chosen for their strength and reliability plus York's ability to offer the special track width and machined spindles for Central Tyre Inflation fitment because of their local manufacturing base.

"We talked with GTE about the gruelling conditions we expected and they showed us how York gear was handling similar work successfully. They were also able to build the special wide track axles required for the trailers. We settled on York axles fitted with York Tecair 1 air suspension rated at 11 tonnes capacity each with the first unit operating successfully since June and another two units to come."

Jeff Coote
Coote's Choose Strength & Reliability
Trailer Axles
• Proven reliability and performance
• Low tare weight
• Industry standard components
Special Features:
Induction hardened bearing journals.
Fully enclosed camshafts.
Oil/grease hub seal.
Case hardened bearings.
Non asbestos brake linings.
Outboard mounted brake drums on all stud hubs.
Quick release brake shoes.
Air Suspension
• Tecair 1 Suspension
Capacity: 9 tonne per module.
11 tonne per module optional.
Ride Height: Available from 200mm to 600mm.
Mounting Centres: 960mm.
Air Bag Centres: 800mm.
Axle Seat: Suits 127mm diameter axles.
Tare Weights:  
9 tonne module 200 height - 190kg.
9 tonne module 400 height - 208kg.
11 tonne module 200 height - 210kg.
11 tonne module 400 height - 228kg.
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