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Disc Brake Axles


  • Increased braking response.
  • Outperforms drum brakes.
  • Higher efficiency.
  • "No fade" braking.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Reduced parts inventory.
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Vehicle Safety

Braking response and brake application control is significantly better with disc brakes even under the toughest braking conditions. Tests confirm that disc brakes out perform 'S' cam drum brakes in extended downhill driving situations. The smaller brake chamber used consumes less air than standard drum brakes to perform a similar task.

Braking Performance

With the inherent high efficiency of disc brakes the vehicle stops more easily in a straight line and less distance. The disc brake does not suffer from fade under constant brake pressure whereas the drum brake needs gradually increasing brake pressure to maintain the same brake performance.


Exchanging air disc brake pads take 1/4 of the time of typical 'S' cam drum brake linings resulting in large time savings. Reduced parts inventory is achieved through the use of the same brake components on all the axles fitted with 19.5" and 22.5" wheels. The expected longer life of the main service items also results in fewer service intervals.

Disc Brake Axles (10-12 Tonnes Capacity)
Capacity (Bearing & Beam Size) Wheel Fixing No. x Size of Wheel Stud x PCD (mm) Wheel Bore Diameter (mm) Minimum Wheel Size Model Number
10.0 Ton (TN & Round 5"/16mm) ISO 10 x M22 x 335 281 20"/22.5" 2980/3
10 x M22 x 285.75 220 20"/22.5" 2980/2
8 x M22 x 275 221 19.5" 2980/7
11.0 Ton (TN & Round 5"/16mm) ISO 10 x M22 x 335 281 20"/22.5" 2970/3
10 x M22 x 285.75 220 20"/22.5" 2970/2
11.0 Ton MFL (THU & Round 5"/16mm) ISO 10 x M22 x 285.75 220 20"/22.5" 2570
10 x M22 x 335 281 20"/22.5" 2571
12.0 Ton (TP & Round 5"/16mm) ISO 10 x M22 x 335 281 20"/22.5" 2928


  1. 5" Round Axle - 16mm standard wall thickness, 19mm optional wall thickness.
  2. Twin tyre steel wheel fixings are standard. ISO single wheel and twin tyre aluminum wheel fixings are also available.
  3. Standard track length - 1850mm, other track lengths are also available.
  4. All axles include standard manual slack adjuster, auto slack adjuster is optional.
  5. Bearing size/type : TQ Metric 90-100 Bearing, TM Metric 65-90 Bearing,TN Imperial 2,5/8" - 90 Bearing, TP parallel Imperial 89.6 bearing, THU -Sealed Cartridge Bearing
  6. All Axles are available with ABS ready Kits (Optional)
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