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Shock Absorber
  Heavy duty shock absorbers incorporating high damping characteristics helps eliminate wheel hop.

Fully contained within the suspension, mounted between the front hanger and the spring seat they are protected from road damage. This also allows for a more compact design giving a shorter stroke which reduces heat and increases service life. For most applications the shock absorber can also act as a check strap.
Pivot Bush
  The exceptionally tough, metal encased Pivot Bush chosen for its very compact design, virtually eliminates rubber extrusion thus greatly extending its effective working life. The bonding of the bush material to the outer case and inner sleeve ensures the bush works in shear and cannot rotate. This compact design also permits front bracket reinforcing to be closer to the point of side load and reduces unwanted side movements.
  The shape of the spring contains the suspension geometry. Tecair I has a standard rating of 12 tonne which is specially designed for arduous applications.
Air Spring
  Using quality large diameter, low pressure air springs allow a reduction of the required air pressure at typical axle loads. A 4 bar system fed from a 6 bar air reservoir more readily maintains the correct ride height and trailer stability. With the air spring including an internal bump stop, a long service life is expected.
Axle Seat
  The design philosophy of the axle seat for Tecair I is allowing for ease of fitment of the shocker during servicing.
  The axle, which serves as a torsion beam, is manufactured from 127mm diameter seamless manganese alloy steel, its high strength and resistance to bending characteristics are a critical part of the design of Tecair air suspensions.
- 16mm wall thickness suitable for highway operations.
- 19mm wall thickness suitable for off-road operations.
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Tecair1Tecair2Tecair ZDuratracRecair FB VRHAxle Lift
Axle Lift Model: TAL-E1
  1. Common Axle Lift - suitable for All York Models Tec Air Suspensions
  2. Easy installation with a one bolt mounting .
  3. Low Maintenance - easy replacement of Air Lift Air bellow.
  4. Ease of wearing sleeve / roller replacement.
  5. TAL - E1 - allows quick lifting and lowering of axle.
  6. Long lasting air bellow - double bellow type.

Installation of Item 5,6 & 7 for Tec Air - 1 - Air Suspension.
Installation of Item 5,6 & 7 for Tec Air - 2 - Air Suspension.

Installation of Item 5,6 & 7 for Tec Air - Z 9 ton - Air Suspension.

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